The latest version of the package is available here. Please check that the md5sum of the downloaded file is the same as the value listed to ensure the file has not been corrupted in transfer. Before you download the file please make yourself familiar with the terms of the open source modified BSD license under which Pyflation is released.

Please note that if you use Pyflation in any published work you are kindly asked to cite the related papers.

Simple Installation:

Use “pip install pyflation” or “easy_install pyflation” to install Pyflation from the Python Package Index.

Latest version:

Pyflation-0.2.3 – released 22/05/2012 – md5sum: 89e196b075cb1827ae98ec9ed918c47d

Older versions:

Pyflation-0.2.2 – released 03/05/2012 – md5sum: 8d68bbf78d01e8809d8323bb1041b593

Pyflation-0.2.1 – released 16/02/2012 – md5sum: 263d7ba50d170c97f35fe5472f2f19bf

Pyflation-0.2.0 – released 29/11/2011 – md5sum: 1f6fb92579627a69bfd2d92a89fedddf

Pyflation-0.1.0 – released 04/03/2011 – md5sum: 37fbd3c3e55b09c5d602d64262630037

Installation instructions are available in the INSTALL.txt file and on this website. The software package is provided as is under the terms of the license in LICENSE.txt.

Git repository

It is also possible to get the latest version (which may be unstable) from the public git repository on bitbucket. To clone the repository use

$ git clone

You can also just browse the code.