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Version 0.2.3 released

Posted by – May 22, 2012

Version 0.2.3 of Pyflation has been released and is available on the downloads page and via PyPI using pip install or easy_install.

This release fixes a major issue for multi-field models in which the nfields parameter would not be passed to model instances causing failure of model runs. The commit for the necessary change is viewable on Bitbucket.

Version 0.2.2 released

Posted by – May 3, 2012

I have just added the latest version of Pyflation to the Downloads page. Version 0.2.2 has minor improvements to the command line options for pyflation_firstorder and now includes the C files generated by Cython. Hopefully this means that installing from the Python Package Index will now work.


$ pip install pyflation


$ easy_install pyflation

to download and install from PyPi. You will need to have installed all the requirements beforehand.

The code for this update is also now available on the Bitbucket repository.