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Paper now on the arXiv

Posted by – March 7, 2011

The paper accompanying the first release of the Pyflation package is now available on the arXiv preprint server. The tite and abstract of the paper are:

Second Order Perturbations During Inflation Beyond Slow-roll

Ian Huston, Karim A. Malik

We numerically calculate the evolution of second order cosmological perturbations for an inflationary scalar field without resorting to the slow-roll approximation or assuming large scales. In contrast to previous approaches we therefore use the full non-slow-roll source term for the second order Klein-Gordon equation which is valid on all scales. The numerical results are consistent with the ones obtained previously where slow-roll is a good approximation. We investigate the effect of localised features in the scalar field potential which break slow-roll for some portion of the evolution. The numerical package solving the second order Klein-Gordon equation has been released under an open source license and is available for download.

If you want to cite this paper the BiBTeX is

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There are other versions of the bibliographic information available on the Inspire Beta listing.